Top 5 website for handy iTunes Gift card

iTunes Gift Cards are very much simple to offer to a loving one or affectionate one or nearest somebody else. iTunes Gift card can be purchased from Apple and from hundreds of different retailers in a range of different categories. And every card functions in the iTunes Store, App Store and Mac App Store, so your recipients can obtain exactly what they desire. Followings are the brief discussion about the top five website from where you can buy iTunes Gift card within a moment!

About Cardpool

 Cardpool Logo

Procedure to buy and sell pre-owned gift cards that make it incredibly easy by Cardpool. Customers can buy gift cards for up to 35% off or sell unwanted gift cards for cash. Since Anson and Tim founded Cardpool in 2009, the website has become the preferred approach to buy or sell gift cards. They have been featured on CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, NPR, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal, and their preceding investors involved the founders, CEOs, and investors of Google, Facebook, PayPal, Zappos, StubHub, Twitter, Skype, and Lotus.


Card Hub

 Card hub logo

Evolution Finance is the owner of Card Hub®. Evolution Finance was founded by Odysseas Papadimitriou, a credit card industry experienced person who thinks that the current industry practices symbolize a significant opening for improvement, when it appears to the advantage that consumers receive from their financial products.
Card Hub is a first-of-its-kind search tool that redefines the way, people search, compare, and apply for credit cards.



 eBay logo

Whether you are buying new or used, plain or luxurious, commonplace or rare, trendy or one-of-a-kind – if it still remain in the world, it most likely is for sale on eBay. Their mission is to be the world’s preferred destination for find out great value and exclusive selection.

They provide sellers the platform, solutions, and support rather they desire prosper as well as success of their customers. eBay measure their success by means   of customers’ achievement.



Amazon logo

Most renowned and one of the best world’s fast grown website is Amazon. More than thousands sorts of products sales by Amazon, out of their a lots of products, iTunes gift cards (Like Apple iTunes Gift Card, Gift Card, Apple Itunes PrePaid Card, US iTunes Gift Card and more….), Books, Baby, Beauty, Home appliances, Cell phones & accessories, Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry products are mentionable. Their service is unparalleled. They are dedicated to provide the outstanding service for the Clients. Therefore customers feel confident to buy Amazon products like iTunes Gift Card as well.


My Gift Card Supply

Mygiftcardsupply.Com official logo

Website named My Gift Card Supply perceived a mission mentioning “To provide customers the fastest and most convenient way to access their digital entertainment, securely, from anywhere in the world.” That means they are committed for ensuring services for their distinguished customers. You can buy iTunes Gift Card from My Gift Card Supply within a click as their service is guaranteed.

The Top 10 Gift Cards to pay money for the Holidays

Who either has the whole thing or is extremely difficult to buy for, Gift cards are a quick and easy solution for that certain someone. Finest of all, it still offers some degree of personalization as opposed to just handing over cash. It’s no undisclosed that Americans love to buy, and receive, gift cards during the holiday season. The classic shopper is expected to spend 21% of their budget, on gift cards this holiday season. I think gift cards can be just as personal as a traditional gift, as long as you buy the right gift card for that person on your list. For example, buying a Best Buy gift card for your mom who has no interest in electronics would be a waste. But, buying a Best Buy gift card for someone like me, who loves new gadgets, would be an impressive gift for me. The followings are the Top 10 gift cards to buy for the Holidays as well as a few prime surprises.

Amazon gift card

Amazon gift card-Usgiftcards

Someone who dislikes fighting the retail store crowds to shop this is the perfect gift for them. If you know someone who loves buying belongings online, but you have no idea what type of gift card to get them, get an Amazon card. They can decide from more or less anything they desire on Amazon.


Gas gift card


Still Gas is cheap, but that doesn’t mean a gas card isn’t still a cool gift card to provide. Now, a $25 dollar gift card can get someone an entire tank of gas rather than half a tank like it were a few months before. You might view this one as impartial, but it’s definitely realistic. If I obtained a gas gift card, I must use it in right away, rather than keeping it unused at the wallet for a significant time.

Gift Card to a Favorite Restaurant

Restaurant Gift card-USgiftcards

For your parents or a married couple that are close to you, these are great for them. We have choice to creating a theme like “dinner date on us” type gift. We’ll find someone a restaurant gift card to their preferred restaurant and a gift card to the movies. It’s an impressive means to help out a relationship by permitting them to get away for the night. If they have kids, present babysit them for the night!


 Spa Gift Card


Especially for your mom, spouse, girlfriend, sister, or daughter this one is really perfect. They’ll feel affection for the chance to favor them.

Car Maintenance Gift Card

Car maintenance Gift Card

Paying for maintenance cars I don’t desire. It’s luxurious and it’s a problem to your life. Make it a little easier on someone by assisting them pay for it. This is fantastic for a single mom or elderly women.


Liquor Store Gift Card

Usgiftcards|Gift card

This one sounds strange, and absolutely don’t get it for an important person who might have a problem with alcohol. But, if you be familiar with a couple who likes to make mixed drinks or entertains a lot, they’ll definitely enjoy this gift card, because no one wishes for buying their own potation!


Home Maintenance Gift Card

Gift card-USigftcards

Home Depot or Lowe’s gift card is ideal for anybody who just purchased a house or that special an important person who loves doing home projects.

Gift Card to a Museum or Theme Park:


It’s an impressive gift card that allows a family, couple, or you and a friend to go out and enjoy doing something. Really enjoyable one and wonderful!

Gift Card to Their Favorite Clothing Store

Victoria secret|Usgiftcards

When you take the time to understand someone’s favorite store, Gift cards become more personal at that moment. If you’re shopping for your mom, sister, or wife, discovers what store they buy the most clothes from, and they’ll be grateful for those gift cards the most.


iTunes Gift Card

$50 iTunes Gift Card USgiftcards

Immense stocking stuffers, great for kids to grandparents, and no one takes pleasure in buying their individual music. But, iTunes is so much other than music now. You can buy audio books, movies, and TV shows.


How to Convert an Amazon Gift Card to Bitcoin

What is an Amazon Gift Card?

Selecting the ideal gift has never been so easier. For holidays, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, or any other festival, most people prefer a gift card to a more traditional gift. Most significantly, it allows the recipient the freedom and flexibility to choose their own gift. No more clothes that don’t fit, or books that will never get read. When you give to anyone an Amazon Gift Card, your gift is the perfect gift, every time. Amazon Gift Cards also make a great alternative to cash, checks, and money orders. Planning on purchasing something online, use your Amazon Gift Card to make safe and secure online payments which is accepted in everywhere.

Gift Card Amazon

What is Bitcoin:

Bitcoin means a type of digital currency in which encryption as well as encoding techniques is used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently from a central point.

Bitcoin logo

Places you can buy gift cards with Bitcoin 

From the be below mentioned places you can buy gift cards with Bitcoin

#1. Gyft

#2. Fold App


#4. Cryfter 

#5.  eGifter

#6. InstaGift 

#7  Yes To Bitcoins



What Bitcoin Offers?

Bitcoin offers consumers all over the world a great opportunity to buy things they would normally need a credit card. Especially Amazon purchases are in high demand for Bitcoin users, which is why services like Purse are gaining a lot of attraction in recent months.

Converting From Gift Card to Bitcoin

An equitable few services are working hard to make Amazon purchases accessible to Bitcoin users, even though the company has no plans to accept digital currency payments any time soon. Luckily for all parties concerned, there is abundance of intermediary companies who will take care of that problem.


In Europe, All4BTC is the organizer when it comes to purchasing things off Amazon – or anywhere else in the world, excellent with Bitcoin.




On the other hand for US customers, there have a service called Purse.IO. By using this platform, Bitcoin holders also can buy things they desire from Amazon, but even save some money while doing so. The way this system works is by letting credit card holders pay for Bitcoin owner’s Amazon orders, through a slight premium rate. This translates to a minor discount on every purchase made with, although it might take a while before your order completes. But what about those people who have an Amazon gift card and are looking to convert it to Bitcoin? Such a opposite system is hard to come by, although there are a few options available. First and foremost, gift card holders can try and sell their product on auction sites such as Bitify, where the built-in escrow system will defend both buyers and sellers at the time of transaction. Another alternative would be to try and sell the gift card on Reddit or any Bitcoin forum. Both types of platform are visited by a large of Bitcoin devotees on a daily basis, and there will always be people looking to pick up an Amazon gift card. However, don’t wait for receive the card’s full value in Bitcoin, as a minor discount should be taken into account at all times.

This is one of the most intriguing aspects of Bitcoin and digital currency. Anyone in the world can offer something of value to them in exchange for the digital currency, and transactions can be completed in a matter of minutes. Granted, there is still a third-party platform involved in the process at some level, but there are slowly transitioning to completely decentralized marketplace ecosystem that does not require forums or auction websites any longer.

10 Awesome Credit Card Tricks That Will Save Your Money

You can manage your credit cards as dexterously as high awarded dealers handle their playing cards? You can study how. Credit cards are important financial instruments, but you can also give attention at them as kind of a game. We all also know people those who use their cards carelessly, they ultimately gather crushing debt, but if they perform this game in right way, and stay out of debt, and then it can increase wonderful valFue from their cards. Here are ten truly fresh tricks that can assist you in having save money.

Credit Card Tricks

Bonus Bumping

Have you yet applied for a credit card only to search out later that there was a better sign-up bonus offer available? Like reconsideration, you can make contact with your bank, inform them of the other offer, and tell them to apply it to your account. To their customer service representative, it’s as simple as changing the “promo code” field on their computer screen. While you can perform this over the phone, many like better to log into their bank’s website and dispatch a secure message. By performing this, you’ll require the bank’s response in writing; therefore, there will be no disagreement over there.

Consolidate your credit card debt with care
Many clients use a general approach to neat what they owe on their cards: they take advantage of balance transfer credit cards, which offer 0% or low APR on the stability that is moved over, but for a limited initial period. Make confirm you perform a cost benefit analysis before accomplishing this plan since most cards these days include a balance transfer fee (typically around 3% of your debt) that you’ll require to pay when you do the switch. You should also review if you’ll be able to pay off your debt completely before the promotional 0% rate period is up, in order to keep away from any increases in the card rate.

Double Your Sign-Up Bonus

Real credit card gurus live for those wonderful sign-up bonuses that come approximately every now and then. Have your spouse or partner appeal for the same card. Or sign up for the business version of the card, too. Simply as long as you have no enticement to spend more, there is little to lose and a lot to potentially gain.

Do your research before applying for a card
It is needed to compare credit card offers before signing up for anything. Have you study the terms cautiously? Based on your shopping habits, you’ll find that there are particular credit cards that will match your expenditure patterns better than others.

Maximizing Your Statement Cycle

The consumers those who pay their balances in full and on time are continually receiving a free loan from their banks. This is the intelligent way to use your credit cards, but you can still take this to the next level. Any sorts of charge made the day before your statement ends will be due 20-25 days later. But if you put in that same charge the day after your statement ends, then you comprise another extra 30 days to pay it without earning interest. This way you can get an interest-free period of up to 55 days!

When cash is stiff, many people know to stay until just after their declaration is closed to make purchases. What most people don’t understand is that with some banks, you can really extend your payment cycle by moving your due date back. They may not allow you do this over and over once more, but it is a massive way to get a few extra days out of your statement period in order to push back your owing date.

Pay more than the minimum and pay on time!

Through simply practicing high-quality payment habits, you’ll avoid excessive finance charges and penalties levied upon your account. It’s most excellent to pay off any monthly balance in full, but if you can’t perform it, then paying more than the minimum will save you quite a small piece in interest over the long term. There are also particular credit cards that will reward you for these sorts of good behavior.

Don’t use your card for cash advances.
Avoid using any free checks that appear your way that draw from your credit card account. And attempt not to use your card for any form of cash advance — it’s not value what you’ll pay for the advantage.

Be careful about participating in credit card arbitrage schemes.
Due to today’s more prevailing credit environment, it’s now strong for discreet card members to carry out any money making schemes using credit cards. In the past, it was rather easy to make money with cards by taking borrowed funds and transfer them into a high interest savings account that game an attractive output. With savings accounts no longer affect such great returns and balance transfer cards with grand terms now decreasing in number; this strategy is no longer as profitable as it once was. There are still people who play this game however, but it’s a game that needed top indentation organizational skills since any misstep (say a forgotten or late payment) can price you much more than you’d received in this plan.

Top 10 Credit Card Tips

Don’t own too many cards.
It should avoid collecting rewards cards just because owning too many may obstruct you from   optimizing your rewards on any one card. In addition, containing too many cards may just encourage you to charge more than you should and to overuse your credit.

Avoid relying on credit cards to cover an emergency.
There are some people who don’t have emergency funds and end up believing on their collection of credit cards to security them out whenever the need arises. However, with no savings, you’re likely going to keep a balance on your credit card as soon as you use it for any unanticipated expenses — and keeping a balance that means paying extra in interest. So, keep in mind that during depending on your cards as backup is absolutely attractive to do, it will definitely be expensive in the long run if you charge up a disaster.

If you want to buy gift card with the cheapest price then you can also check out the Top 9 Money Saving Tips before Buying a Gift Card

Thank you.

What to Do If can’t Redeem iTunes Gift Card

To get superior quality music, paid apps, games and other material available on iTunes store, App Store and more, Redeeming iTunes Gift Card will be an wonderful experience. However before getting anything from these stores, you must be aware of how to use iTunes Gift Card and how to redeem iTunes Gift Card from your Mac, iPhone, iPad or iPod. It would be fortunate for you if you successfully redeem iTunes Gift card for the first time, but there are chances that you might get a message that says the code is invalid or inactive when trying to redeem an iTunes Gift Card code. You might probably run into the issues as follow when trying to redeem your gift card or content code:


  • Card or code is invalid
  • Card or code has already been redeemed
  • Card or code is inactive
  • Card or code is unreadable
  • Card or code is from a different country

When that happens, you can try these recommended tips to redeem your iTunes Store Gift Card or content code. Here’s help.


  1. Use your camera


You can employ the camera on Mac or iOS device to redeem your gift card. (Only in some countries)


Step 1: Tap iTunes Store, iBooks, or App Store on your iPhone/iPad/iPod. For example, if you are using iBooks, then tap the Featured tab at the bottom of the screen.


Step 2: Scroll to the bottom of the store and tap Redeem.


Step 3: Sign in with your Apple ID and password.

Apple ID login

Step 4: Tap Use Camera. You can also redeem your code manually.


Step 5: Peel off the label on the back of your iTunes Gift Card.


Step 6: Hold the back of the card up to your camera.


Step 7: The camera reads and redeems the code automatically. Your iTunes Store balance will come into view on screen.


Step 8: Tap done in the upper-right corner.


  1. Make sure you’re typing the right characters


If you go into the code manually, make sure you’ve typed the codes properly. It’s simple to mix the characters up if you do not check cautiously.


  1. Contact iTunes Store Support


If you can’t read the code or are still having issues redeeming your gift card code, contact iTunes Support might be the last chance for you.


Step 1: Go to iTunes Store Support webpage on computer, and then choose your country.


Step 2: Choose Contact Support from the menu on the left.


Step 3: After that, go to Contact > select Contact iTunes Store Support.


Step 4: Then you can follow the instructions provided by iTunes Store Support. They may inquire you to send these things:


  • Image of the front and back of your gift card
  • Sales receipt showing when your card was purchased
  • Serial number of your gift card. You can find it on the back of your gift card.


At this moment hopefully you are well conscious about how to redeem your iTunes gift card and content codes when running into issues. If you obtain an iTunes gift code, redeem it and take pleasure in.

Have excellent feelings really!

How to Give a Google Play App as a Gift

As of this instant, Google Play Store does not allow the transfer of an Android application from one Google account to another, creating gifting of an app not yet possible. However, that shouldn’t stop you from offering that ideal app to your friends and loved ones. As an alternative, you can provide gift cards that people can use to buy apps on Google Play Store.


Google Play Gift Card Purchasing.

Go to local participating outlets, and buy a gift card. Google Play Gift Cards can be bought for various amounts.

  • For countries except US, you may visit the Google Play Help page for available categories and participating stores in your country. You may buy Google Play Gift Cards from your local electronic appliance store if you’re situated outside the US.
  • Google Play Gift Cards are actual physical cards that you can buy from participating stores.

 How to Give a Google Play App as a Gift


Give the card. Place the card in an envelope or cover it in gift wrapping papers—it’s exclusively your choice how you would like to offer the Google Play Gift Card to your desired recipient.



Get the promo code. After giving the Google Play Gift Card, have the recipient scratch the gray strip at the back of the card to obtain its promo code.


Step- 4

Visit Google Play. Open a web browser on a computer otherwise smartphone and visit the Google Play website. Have the recipient go into his or her username and password on the Login page to sign into his or her Google account.



Redeem the gift card. Choose “Redeem” from the left-hand side of the Google Play Store page and a pop-up box will come into view.

  • Enter the promo code which you received after scratching the card on the text field provided, and select the “Redeem” button. The worth of the Google Play Gift Card will then be removed to your recipient’s Google account.



Purchase an app. Search for the app you’d like to provide to your friend, and choose the “Buy” button to buy the application using the financial value of the Google Play Gift Card you provided.

  • You can furthermore use the worth of the card to buy other Google Play items like music, videos, books, and movies too.
  • Make sure that the cost of the app you’re about to purchase doesn’t go above the value of the gift card or your recipient would have to pay the surplus using his or her credit card.
Balance check itunes gift card

The Best Deal on iTunes Gift Cards


What is gift card?

A card entitling the recipient to receive goods or services of a specified value from the issuer, on the other hand a gift card means a card that is worth a certain amount of money and given to someone to buy something from a store. Preloaded debit card that permits the cardholder to use it for the purchase of goods or services. Some gift cards can only be used at select retailers, but some can be used anywhere that accepts major credit cards. Some gift cards may also be reloadable, which provides the cardholder with the ability to add funds to the card and continue using it

The best as well as excellent deal on iTunes gift cards

How it makes exclusive way to save:

Never has it harmed to obtain an ingenious discount.

It’s really nice to build a nice reserve of iTunes gift cards to use all year round, mainly if they’re available at a discount. Discounted iTunes gift cards are the exclusive ways to save on apps, music, movies and even your Apple Music subscription.

A couple vendors are selling discounted iTunes gift cards this holiday season. Currently, the most excellent deal of the bunch is a $100 iTunes gift card for $80 via PayPal Digital Gifts on eBay. The gift cards reach your destination via email within little hours of purchase, but the limited time offer is only available in the United States.

$50 iTunes Gift Card
The best deal Offers:

The most excellent deal (for U.S. readers) appears to be from PayPal Digital Gifts on eBay that is offering a $100 iTunes gift card for $80 (or 20% off) with no apparent limit. The auction listing notes that “limited quantities” are obtainable and the discounted cards sold out within a few days last year.

Staples have been offering a 20 percent discount on $25, $50, and $100 iTunes gift cards.


Best Buy is offering a “buy one, get a second at 20% off deal” on iTunes gift cards (for an effective discount of only 10%). You must add two eligible cards to your shopping cart for the discount to appear.

Balance check itunes gift card

There were received reports about $100 of iTunes gift cards for only $75 from which sounds like a superior deal until you realize that:


  1. You must pay with Visa.
  2. There’s a limit of one $100 card per customer.
  3. They charge sales tax (at least in California).

Using Rakuten, the total for a $100 iTunes gift card comes to $83.75 (after tax), which is more than the eBay/PayPal deal above.


What have you seen? If you find any immense deals on iTunes gift cards, would you please share them with us via comments and social media and ensuring we’ll update this post.



Top 10 Best & Secret Gifts Ideas for New Year 2016

First moment of New Year is one of the unforgettable jiffies for everybody. So everybody desires to keep that period as much memorial through giving Gift to favorite one. New Year 2016 reached at our door and therefore, this is the prime time to give Gift to affectionate one.

Decision taking for giving best Gift to close one is really a tough thing. However there describing ‘Top 10 Best & Secret Gift  Ideas for New Year 2016’ which will assist in taking decision during giving Gift to closest one for New Year 2016:

Gift Card Ideas

iTunes Gift Card Safe and Secure :

At the eve of New Year 2016 iTunes Gift Cards may be one of the great surprise for your loving one. iTunes Gift Cards are very easy to give, and you can easily buy them from Apple and from thousands of other retailers. Every card works in the iTunes Store, App Store, iBooks Store, and Mac App Store, or on the way to an Apple Music membership-therefore your recipients can get exactly what they desires. All iTunes gift cards are quickly delivered to respective email box after purchase. No hassle! iTunes gift cards can use on any product in the US iTunes Store. You can use this gift card to purchase music, movies, apps, tv shows, books, or anything else that is available via Apple iTunes store. It is100% authentic and  expiration date.

Dr. Freud’s Therapy Ball:

Dr. Freud’s Therapy Ball is a very funny Secret Santa gift Card idea that’s budget friendly and mostly harmless. Let Dr. Freud help your more witty friends and co-workers explore their soul and answer all of those pressing questions that their spouse or pet parrot hasn’t managed to answer. If you don’t think they need mental health help, you could give them a good dose of quiz with the Sarcastic Ball.

An electronic gift card:

An electronic gift card can be given within seconds. All it takes by the click of a mouse. Many retailers, brands and businesses across the country offer eGift cards that recipients can redeem either online or i-nstore. You can buy eGift cards from top stores and businesses like Sears, Starbucks and Toys as well as online retailers like eBay, iTunes and Amazon. Once you’ve settled on a store and decided on the card value, you can have the eGift card emailed to your beneficiary directly.

Notes from the Universe 2016 Calendar:

The perfect Secret Santa gift for someone who’s more the spiritual type might be this encouraging Note from the Universe 2016 Calendar. It features short messages written from the viewpoint of “The Universe.” pluckedd with themes about life’s magic, power and possibilities, this calendar will bring a daily dose of joy and an occasional good laugh.

Top Gift Card Ideas

Gift baskets:

Gift baskets frequently go beyond traditional stuffed animals and chocolates to include artisanal treats, fine wines and spa products. Specialty baskets can be a great gift solution when time is running thin, with many top purveyors offering same-day or next-day delivery. To save on gift basket purchases, look for companies that offer coupons or discounts on shipping and bulk orders.

Plant Theatre Bonsai Trio Kit:

Intended for that Zen friend with a green thumb, Secret Santa presents a snap. This fun bonsai garden kit includes everything they’ll need to grow three distinguishing kinds of Bonsai trees – a Silver Birch (Betchula Pendula), a Red Maple (Acer Rubrum) and a Mountain Pine (Pinus Mugo Pumilio). With six growing pots, six peat blocks and six plant markers along with propogating bags, they’re almost guaranteed success.


Sign your recipient up for a contribution to a favorite magazine or newspaper to have them delivered to his or her access each month. As an thoughtful touch, you can purchase a hard copy at a newsstand and present it to your recipient with a card revealing the duration and details of the subscription.

Charitable donations:

Offer the gift that gives back by making a charitable donation in your special someone’s name, or by purchasing a gift from a company that donates a portion of its profits to a good reason. You can donate to a cause you know would mean something to your recipient, or give them the option to decide by purchasing a gift card to a company like TisBest, JustGive or Charity Choice.

Ritter Sport Real German Chocolate Squares

You’ve hit the top secret Santa wall and you just require finding something fast that’s a sure fire wins. This tasty Secret Santa chocolate gift set from Ritter Sport includes 18 individually covered teeny tiny bars that weigh a delightful .06 ounces each. Easy to share and even easier to eat, this chocolate box set features bars filled with unusual ingredients like roasted hazelnuts, fine marzipan, delicate praline, crispy cornflakes, crunchy, organic shortbread biscuits, refreshing curd and rich milk chocolate. Hopefully your thankful gift recipient will share the success with you.

Buy online, pick up in-store :

If you need a gift immediately but don’t have time to wait for delivery, you may be relieved to learn that many stores offer the option to buy online and pick up instore as late as Christmas Eve. Stores like Toys, Best Buy and Kmart will indicate which products are available for immediate pickup.

Money saving tips before buying Gift card

Top 9 Money Saving Tips before Buying a Gift Card

It’s the ninth without stopping year that gift cards top the list as the most popular gift. Here is the top 10 money saving tips before you buy a gift card that could save you large cash. People forgot about them, they couldn’t find anything they wanted, or they lost them.

Money saving tips before buying Gift card
Tip 1: Register the card.
When you receive a gift card, it is most essential to register the card, you’ll have some gauge of protection if it’s stolen or lost, although you will have to give some personal information to do so.
Tip 2: Buy direct from retailer.
It is really good to buy gift card from retailer.
Tip 3: Save on fees.
If you’re giving gift cards buying them directly from the merchant. It will save you any third party fees. And watch out for those annoying purchase fees. Those usually come with a professed fee maybe $3-$5. But it is needed be aware of that.
Tip 4: Buy from behind the register.

It is recommending for selecting gift cards from behind the register, if you purchase one that’s out in the open, must inspect it first.
Tip 5: Watch for tampered cards.

Wherever there’s a scratch-off or publish a code pin or verification. You must want to make sure it’s not tampered with. Thieves can scratch off to steal pin numbers and use up cards of value before you still buy them.
Tip 6: Check out re-selling.

What to do if you get a gift card that you don’t desire? Re-sell it for cash or trade it. Remember the more popular the store, the upper the resell value.
If you’re buying a commercial specific gift card, attempt to get it from somewhere the recipient may actually like to shop. Don’t purchase a gift card from a retailer or restaurant within financial trouble. If it goes insolvent your card will be useless. Attach the receipt to the card. You’ll wish for proof of purchase in case the recipient has any problem using it. Do attach the receipt to the card. You’ll desire proof of purchase in case the recipient has any difficulty using it.
Tip 7: Inactivity fees
The CARD Act does permit gift card issuers to assess an inactivity fee after at least 12 months of inactivity. As noted before, the majority retailer cards don’t impose inactivity fees whatsoever.
Even if a prepaid card does charge a very little fee for nonuse, the majority recipients are unlikely to experience it. As per recent research from the Network Branded Prepaid Card Association, almost 95 percent of gift card holders spend the full value of their card within the first year.
Tip 8: Other features to watch for
The main decision to make when purchasing a gift card is whether to give a store gift card or a general-purpose gift card. With a store card, the recipient can redeem it at less places, but doesn’t have to be anxious about expiration or surprise fees. With a general-purpose card, the recipient can redeem it at lots of different retailers, but is more likely to find the balance exhausted by fees if the card isn’t used in the first year.
If you don’t exist close to the person you’re giving the card to, you might want to look for a card that offers free shipping or an e-card option, that means you can e-mail the gift card. Half of the store cards there surveyed offer e-cards. Check the terms and conditions, though, because some e-cards may only permit the recipient to shop online with it.
If your recipient tends to lose plastic cards often, you might desire to look for one that has lost or stolen card protection. A majority of the cards found offer to replace the card or funds after a loss.
Base line: If you’re purchasing a gift card, watch out for fees and expiration. If you take delivery of a gift card, make sure you spend it smartly and soon, before you lose or forget you have it.
Tip 9: Expiration and legislation
Gift card rules that took effect Aug. 22, 2010, as part of the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure Act of 2009, require that gift card funds must remain applicable for at least five years since the last load. Expiration information, if applicable, has to be on the card itself or communicated by extra methods, as necessary by the ECO-Gift CARD Act.

iTunes gift card redeem.

How to redeem iTunes Gift Card on Windows or Mac with iTunes

Now a day’s iTunes gift card is very popular gift item among people of using iTunes service of Apple Company.  This gift card usually use in various purposes like:

  1. Purchasing song.
  2. Downloading album.
  3. Purchasing movies and shows.
  4. Downloading applications.
  5. Downloading eBook and other materials.

iTunes gift card redeem.

If you want to redeem an iTunes gift card, all you have to do to follow some steps:

  1. You have to open iTunes by clicking “”.
  2. Click “Sign In” and enter your Apple ID and password.
  3. You can see your name and click it.
  4. Choose ‘Redeem” from drop-down menu.
  5. Enter your password again.
  6. If you have iTunes store gift card, enter 16 digit code starts with “X” from the back of the card.
  7. Tap Redeem.

After redeem iTunes gift card with card code, your iTunes account balance will be automatically updated.  If you would like to buy iTunes gift card follow us and buy from MyGiftCardSupply.