Apple is offering a $60 iTunes voucher

Every thing is not for long run, the best things are always for a little time. We know about the Apple brand which is the most trustworthy, authentic brand with their best product and services. In this very next Christmas shopping season Apple has just give an offer of outsourced Black Friday discounts on some specific products which are very attractive. These offers are for a limited time and clients. From today Apple has offered its offer to those customers who’ve Apple membership. Membership owners can buy all types of Beats headphone and speakers from Apple stores in this Christmas season which won’t be for a long time. Only Apple Music membership card holders may get this opportunity to access for 6 months by paying for $60 bundle offer and it should be used toward iTunes, iBooks, and App Store, and Mac App Store. The offer is appropriate for purchasing and subscripting by Apple music membership card.


Apple is offering a $60 iTunes voucher - Mygiftcardsupply


The offer is only be implemented on Beats headphone and speakers which should be purchased from Apple stores, and 1 (800) MY-APPLE from this day, December 5thto December 28th.There’s an included $60 Apple Music/iTunes gift card with the product of Beats headphone and speakers:

Beats Pro Headphones

Beats Studio Headphones

Beats Studio Wireless Headphones

Beats Solo 2 Headphones

Beats Solo 2 Wireless Headphones

Beats Power beats 2 Headphones

Beats Power beats 2 Wireless In-Ear Headphones

Beats Tour 2 Headphones

The new rose gold model headphone is included with the only Beats headphones which appear to be excluded are the $99 upbeats in-ear headphones, in this case the true value is decreased and the price down to$70.

The offer also be implemented on recently released Pill speaker with lightning which is the first piece of brand new Beats hardware to come out of Apple. For your kind information, We are offering you the best way to get iTunes Gift Card from here with the easiest way.



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