The Top 10 Gift Cards to pay money for the Holidays

Who either has the whole thing or is extremely difficult to buy for, Gift cards are a quick and easy solution for that certain someone. Finest of all, it still offers some degree of personalization as opposed to just handing over cash. It’s no undisclosed that Americans love to buy, and receive, gift cards during the holiday season. The classic shopper is expected to spend 21% of their budget, on gift cards this holiday season. I think gift cards can be just as personal as a traditional gift, as long as you buy the right gift card for that person on your list. For example, buying a Best Buy gift card for your mom who has no interest in electronics would be a waste. But, buying a Best Buy gift card for someone like me, who loves new gadgets, would be an impressive gift for me. The followings are the Top 10 gift cards to buy for the Holidays as well as a few prime surprises.

Amazon gift card

Amazon gift card-Usgiftcards

Someone who dislikes fighting the retail store crowds to shop this is the perfect gift for them. If you know someone who loves buying belongings online, but you have no idea what type of gift card to get them, get an Amazon card. They can decide from more or less anything they desire on Amazon.


Gas gift card


Still Gas is cheap, but that doesn’t mean a gas card isn’t still a cool gift card to provide. Now, a $25 dollar gift card can get someone an entire tank of gas rather than half a tank like it were a few months before. You might view this one as impartial, but it’s definitely realistic. If I obtained a gas gift card, I must use it in right away, rather than keeping it unused at the wallet for a significant time.

Gift Card to a Favorite Restaurant

Restaurant Gift card-USgiftcards

For your parents or a married couple that are close to you, these are great for them. We have choice to creating a theme like “dinner date on us” type gift. We’ll find someone a restaurant gift card to their preferred restaurant and a gift card to the movies. It’s an impressive means to help out a relationship by permitting them to get away for the night. If they have kids, present babysit them for the night!


 Spa Gift Card


Especially for your mom, spouse, girlfriend, sister, or daughter this one is really perfect. They’ll feel affection for the chance to favor them.

Car Maintenance Gift Card

Car maintenance Gift Card

Paying for maintenance cars I don’t desire. It’s luxurious and it’s a problem to your life. Make it a little easier on someone by assisting them pay for it. This is fantastic for a single mom or elderly women.


Liquor Store Gift Card

Usgiftcards|Gift card

This one sounds strange, and absolutely don’t get it for an important person who might have a problem with alcohol. But, if you be familiar with a couple who likes to make mixed drinks or entertains a lot, they’ll definitely enjoy this gift card, because no one wishes for buying their own potation!


Home Maintenance Gift Card

Gift card-USigftcards

Home Depot or Lowe’s gift card is ideal for anybody who just purchased a house or that special an important person who loves doing home projects.

Gift Card to a Museum or Theme Park:


It’s an impressive gift card that allows a family, couple, or you and a friend to go out and enjoy doing something. Really enjoyable one and wonderful!

Gift Card to Their Favorite Clothing Store

Victoria secret|Usgiftcards

When you take the time to understand someone’s favorite store, Gift cards become more personal at that moment. If you’re shopping for your mom, sister, or wife, discovers what store they buy the most clothes from, and they’ll be grateful for those gift cards the most.


iTunes Gift Card

$50 iTunes Gift Card USgiftcards

Immense stocking stuffers, great for kids to grandparents, and no one takes pleasure in buying their individual music. But, iTunes is so much other than music now. You can buy audio books, movies, and TV shows.


Money saving tips before buying Gift card

Top 9 Money Saving Tips before Buying a Gift Card

It’s the ninth without stopping year that gift cards top the list as the most popular gift. Here is the top 10 money saving tips before you buy a gift card that could save you large cash. People forgot about them, they couldn’t find anything they wanted, or they lost them.

Money saving tips before buying Gift card
Tip 1: Register the card.
When you receive a gift card, it is most essential to register the card, you’ll have some gauge of protection if it’s stolen or lost, although you will have to give some personal information to do so.
Tip 2: Buy direct from retailer.
It is really good to buy gift card from retailer.
Tip 3: Save on fees.
If you’re giving gift cards buying them directly from the merchant. It will save you any third party fees. And watch out for those annoying purchase fees. Those usually come with a professed fee maybe $3-$5. But it is needed be aware of that.
Tip 4: Buy from behind the register.

It is recommending for selecting gift cards from behind the register, if you purchase one that’s out in the open, must inspect it first.
Tip 5: Watch for tampered cards.

Wherever there’s a scratch-off or publish a code pin or verification. You must want to make sure it’s not tampered with. Thieves can scratch off to steal pin numbers and use up cards of value before you still buy them.
Tip 6: Check out re-selling.

What to do if you get a gift card that you don’t desire? Re-sell it for cash or trade it. Remember the more popular the store, the upper the resell value.
If you’re buying a commercial specific gift card, attempt to get it from somewhere the recipient may actually like to shop. Don’t purchase a gift card from a retailer or restaurant within financial trouble. If it goes insolvent your card will be useless. Attach the receipt to the card. You’ll wish for proof of purchase in case the recipient has any problem using it. Do attach the receipt to the card. You’ll desire proof of purchase in case the recipient has any difficulty using it.
Tip 7: Inactivity fees
The CARD Act does permit gift card issuers to assess an inactivity fee after at least 12 months of inactivity. As noted before, the majority retailer cards don’t impose inactivity fees whatsoever.
Even if a prepaid card does charge a very little fee for nonuse, the majority recipients are unlikely to experience it. As per recent research from the Network Branded Prepaid Card Association, almost 95 percent of gift card holders spend the full value of their card within the first year.
Tip 8: Other features to watch for
The main decision to make when purchasing a gift card is whether to give a store gift card or a general-purpose gift card. With a store card, the recipient can redeem it at less places, but doesn’t have to be anxious about expiration or surprise fees. With a general-purpose card, the recipient can redeem it at lots of different retailers, but is more likely to find the balance exhausted by fees if the card isn’t used in the first year.
If you don’t exist close to the person you’re giving the card to, you might want to look for a card that offers free shipping or an e-card option, that means you can e-mail the gift card. Half of the store cards there surveyed offer e-cards. Check the terms and conditions, though, because some e-cards may only permit the recipient to shop online with it.
If your recipient tends to lose plastic cards often, you might desire to look for one that has lost or stolen card protection. A majority of the cards found offer to replace the card or funds after a loss.
Base line: If you’re purchasing a gift card, watch out for fees and expiration. If you take delivery of a gift card, make sure you spend it smartly and soon, before you lose or forget you have it.
Tip 9: Expiration and legislation
Gift card rules that took effect Aug. 22, 2010, as part of the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure Act of 2009, require that gift card funds must remain applicable for at least five years since the last load. Expiration information, if applicable, has to be on the card itself or communicated by extra methods, as necessary by the ECO-Gift CARD Act.

Best Tips for buying discount gift cards

Here is the simple and true way as well as tips to save money through buying discount gift cards. The first important step is to work out where and how to buy gift cards for cheap at discounted rates.

Following are the prime tips for buying discount gift cards:


Best Tips for buying discount gift cards


Gift card by using Online:

There are so many number of online gift card clearing houses (some good than others) that purchase and resell unwanted, realistic gift cards at reduced rates. mygiftcardsupply  is trustworthy sites rather they offer a money-back guarantee for peace of mind. Websites like Gift Card Granny and buy unwanted gift cards from consumers and sell them at a discount. some of the effective sites that promote to people looking to buy and sell gift cards. You might find bigger discounts at online auction sites such as eBay, but these sites guarantee the gift card’s value.



Best Tips for buying discount gift cards

Best Tips for buying discount gift cards. Buying guide to buy gift card


Gift card from Stores:

Stores like Sam’s Club and Staples routinely facilitate offer discounts of these artificial gems. Last month Staples was selling Gap and iTunes gift card  at 20 percent off with free shipping.


While not quite the same, drugstores like CVS and Walgreens repeatedly offer loyalty rewards or store currency on the purchase of select communities. Walgreens recently offer a $10 store gift card with the purchase a $30 iTunes gift card multipack.

Seeking loyalty programs:

Do you belong to a credit card or retailer loyalty program that gives you points or rewards for the dollars you spend. If so, there may be some free or discounted gift cards in your future.

Redeemed for gift cards:

If you have a credit card in your wallet linked to a rewards program, research to see if you can convert your rewards to gift cards. Bank of America and Chase both allow cardholders to earn rewards points that can be redeemed for gift cards.

Discounted gift cards:

Buying discounted gift cards for supermarkets and other stores that carry grocery items, such as Target. You can get gift cards for less than face value at sites such as Mygiftcardsupply. Gift cards are sold there for 1 percent to 25 percent below face value.

Using cash Rewards Credit Card:

If you’re responsible with credit and pay off your balance each month, you should take advantage of the savings you’ll get by using a cash rewards credit card.

Buy in Bulk:

Check the gift card displays at grocery stores and drug stores for bulk packs of cards. These often sell for less than the total value of the cards – a great deal if you plan to give the same gift to multiple people or if you can get cards to a store that you shop at frequently.

Advantage of Holiday Bonuses:

Lots of restaurants and an increasing number of stores, offer gift card  promotions around the holidays.

Employee sites:

Check to see while employer offers access to discounts specifically for employees.

Discounts vary:

You can buy gift cards for hundreds of national retailers at a discount because these sites buy the cards for less than face value from consumers who don’t want them. How much a card is discounted depends on supply and demand. The cards that are in least demand have the best discounts.